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Best 8 Weight Benches for Your Home Gym in 2022

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Building your home gym and not sure which equipment offers the most exercise variations? The answer is a weight bench and having one in your home gym this year would be a great decision. It allows you to do everything from glute bridges, chest presses, and ab moves to quad and leg moves, incline bench supersets, and incline rows. This article discusses the best 8 weight benches for your home gym in 2022.

Is It Worth Buying a Weight Bench?

A weight bench offers enough exercises to keep you motivated and target all your muscle groups. Investing in a simple weight bench can help you meet your fitness goals with little additions here and there to keep things exciting.

Additionally, a weight bench is compact and therefore takes up little space. Investing in the right bench can offer much variety to your fitness regime. Finding the best one that meets your workout needs is undeniably a challenge.

What is a Good Weight Bench to Buy?

Any bench that serves your workout purpose is good enough for you. However, apart from considering the versatility, the price of the bench is an important consideration. Moreover, the surface area it covers will also weigh in on your decision.

In view of the area you have in your home gym for a weight bench, consider buying the Legend Pro Series Bench. It does not take up space and is highly versatile with its six adjustable angles for all types of workouts. On the other hand, if you are looking for something simple to start with, the Body Craft Flat Bench should be your choice. It is small and simple; perfect to kick-start your home gym.

best weight bench for home gym.

Are Adjustable Weight Benches Worth It?

Although a simple weight bench offers a huge variety of exercises, an adjustable bench takes your workout to another level. Therefore, investing in an adjustable weight bench adds many more variations to your workout regime and costs the same.

Consider the Hoist Adjustable Abdominal Bench, which comes with ten different angles of adjustments. It is small in size and therefore ideal for a home gym. Moreover, the leg rollers adjust automatically when you start your workout. Another similar option is the SportsArt FID Bench, which is ideal for both beginners and experienced workouts.

What is the Best Weight Bench for Beginners?

It is better to start with a simple weight bench and gradually shift to complicated weight benches. For a start, consider adding the Hoist Preacher Curl weight bench to your home gym. The height is adjustable and offers all exercises for your upper body muscle groups.

Another option for beginners is the BodyCraft Flat/Incline Bench, which offers a larger variety of exercises. Moreover, the handles, foot brace, and adjustable seat options are enough for you to perform a full-body workout.

best weight bench for home gym,

Do Weight Benches Have Leg Extension?

Not all weight benches come with a leg extension. However, you can find several options at a good price that have a leg extension attached for the perfect leg day at your home gym. Consider the BodyCraft GLX Home Gym or the Complete Gym Smith with FID Bench. With these two weight benches, your home gym will be complete!


A weight bench adds a lot more to any workout regime. When it comes to setting up a home gym, adding a weight bench adds versatility to your workout, so the results are visible. Consider the eight-weight benches available at Pacillo and get the highest quality in the world with top brands.