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5 Things Not To Do with a Foam Roller

To discover the wonders of using a foam roller massage is life-changing for individuals who know how to do it correctly. This article discusses the five most common mistakes people make when using a foam roller.

Is There a Correct Technique for Using a Foam Roller?

Using any rehabilitation tool provides both relief and can cause injury if not monitored properly. The right way of rolling on a foam roller is contracting and relaxing the target muscle group. When you are on the tender spot, be sure to contract and relax that muscle while on the foam roller. This ensures that your time spent on foam rolling is at its maximum efficiency.

Can I Roll My Lower Back?

Rolling the back has the same effect as a good and long massage. However, this only applies to the upper and mid-back. The area around the shoulders and the lats are great for foam rolling and provide the ultimate relief from exertion. The lower back, however, is not an ideal spot for foam back and the reason is simple: the position.

Trying to get into the right position on a foam roller to reach your lower back will cause you to overarch your spine. It is possible to strain your back in the process, which is why foam rolling on the lower back is not advisable.

foam roller massage.

Should I Use a Foam Roller on My Trigger Points?

Foam rolling on trigger points is a good strategy for instant relief. However, overdoing it can cause more pain. Therefore, it is important to roll on tender muscles three to four times but repetitiveness can lead to more pain.

The best way is to target the larger muscle group of the trigger points and gradually spend an additional 30 seconds on the tender spot. This simple strategy has resulted in providing relief to taught muscles without over-rolling the trigger points.

Should the Pressure be Variable When Foam Rolling?

Gently rolling on the foam roller will have zero impact on your muscles. However, applying too much pressure when foam rolling can add more pain instead of providing relief. Therefore, it is essential that the pressure you put when foam rolling varies according to muscle groups and your trigger points.

Using different types of foam rollers will have different levels of impact. A hollow foam roller is made with hard plastic that allows you to gently apply pressure when rolling. However, full cylinder foam rollers are softer and require the use of hands and legs for extra support when rolling.

It is absolutely important that you apply the right amount of pressure and stop immediately if you experience pain. Foam rolling should feel like a relaxing massage on the tight muscles and provide relief to the trigger points. 

foam roller massage

What is the Right Direction of Foam Rolling?

The right direction of foam rolling is being able to balance on the foam roller easily. When foam rolling, if you find it hard to maintain your balance, it is possible that you have wrongly aligned the roller to your muscles.

The roller should be perpendicular to the target muscle and not parallel. This also allows you to cover a larger surface area. Once you have the right angle, you need to roll up and down the entire length of that muscle group.

Happy rolling!

Home Gym Equipment

Best 8 Weight Benches for Your Home Gym in 2022

Building your home gym and not sure which equipment offers the most exercise variations? The answer is a weight bench and having one in your home gym this year would be a great decision. It allows you to do everything from glute bridges, chest presses, and ab moves to quad and leg moves, incline bench supersets, and incline rows. This article discusses the best 8 weight benches for your home gym in 2022.

Is It Worth Buying a Weight Bench?

A weight bench offers enough exercises to keep you motivated and target all your muscle groups. Investing in a simple weight bench can help you meet your fitness goals with little additions here and there to keep things exciting.

Additionally, a weight bench is compact and therefore takes up little space. Investing in the right bench can offer much variety to your fitness regime. Finding the best one that meets your workout needs is undeniably a challenge.

What is a Good Weight Bench to Buy?

Any bench that serves your workout purpose is good enough for you. However, apart from considering the versatility, the price of the bench is an important consideration. Moreover, the surface area it covers will also weigh in on your decision.

In view of the area you have in your home gym for a weight bench, consider buying the Legend Pro Series Bench. It does not take up space and is highly versatile with its six adjustable angles for all types of workouts. On the other hand, if you are looking for something simple to start with, the BodyCraft Flat Bench should be your choice. It is small and simple; perfect to kick-start your home gym.

best weight bench for home gym.

Are Adjustable Weight Benches Worth It?

Although a simple weight bench offers a huge variety of exercises, an adjustable bench takes your workout to another level. Therefore, investing in an adjustable weight bench adds many more variations to your workout regime and costs the same.

Consider the Hoist Adjustable Abdominal Bench, which comes with ten different angles of adjustments. It is small in size and therefore ideal for a home gym. Moreover, the leg rollers adjust automatically when you start your workout. Another similar option is the SportsArt FID Bench, which is ideal for both beginners and experienced workouts.

What is the Best Weight Bench for Beginners?

It is better to start with a simple weight bench and gradually shift to complicated weight benches. For a start, consider adding the Hoist Preacher Curl weight bench to your home gym. The height is adjustable and offers all exercises for your upper body muscle groups.

Another option for beginners is the BodyCraft Flat/Incline Bench, which offers a larger variety of exercises. Moreover, the handles, foot brace, and adjustable seat options are enough for you to perform a full-body workout.

best weight bench for home gym,

Do Weight Benches Have Leg Extension?

Not all weight benches come with a leg extension. However, you can find several options at a good price that have a leg extension attached for the perfect leg day at your home gym. Consider the BodyCraft GLX Home Gym or the Complete Gym Smith with FID Bench. With these two weight benches, your home gym will be complete!


A weight bench adds a lot more to any workout regime. When it comes to setting up a home gym, adding a weight bench adds versatility to your workout, so the results are visible. Consider the eight-weight benches available at Pacillo and get the highest quality in the world with top brands.

Home Gym Equipment

What is the Best Home Gym Equipment for Exercise?

Setting up a home gym has become a necessity in recent years in the face of a global pandemic. The benefits of owning exercise equipment are many as it saves time and money. However, choosing an authentic exercise equipment store is still an uncertainty. Here is how to clear all doubts and invest in the best home gym equipment this year.

How to Choose the Best Equipment for Home Gym?

The first question for your consideration is deciding on the best equipment for your home gym. This will directly relate to your fitness goals and which part you want to focus on. The basics of a home gym contain cardio equipment, which is easily available at any athletic equipment store.

In addition to basic cardio equipment, you will also need to invest in free weights. These weights will go a long way when it comes to either bulking up or toning different muscle groups. The most important thing is to choose the right exercise equipment store where the sales team can guide you accordingly.

What are the Things to Consider When Selecting Equipment for a Home Gym?

The first thing you must consider is the availability of space. Are you planning to set up your home gym in a spare room? Or do you wish to set it up in your backyard? Regardless, you need to consider the availability of space before selecting and finalizing exercise equipment for your home gym.

Another thing to keep in mind is logistics. If you select bulkier and bigger equipment, make sure you Google “exercise equipment near me”. This will save you money on delivery charges and after-sales services will be convenient.

What is the Best Cardio Equipment for a Home Gym?

Since cardio equipment is essential for a home gym, is it only right to choose one that serves your fitness purposes and lasts over a decade? You can choose from treadmills to elliptical machinesexercise bikesrowing machines, and climbers. These are not only great for cardio but also for targeting different muscle groups in the legs and back.

Exercise Equipment Store What is the Best Whole-Body Gym System for a Home Gym?

On the other hand, if you have space constrictions, you can opt for whole-body gym equipment. While these options are much more affordable, the trick to getting the maximum out of them is creativity. A jump rope, for example, is great for cardio and muscle endurance.

Similarly, a doorway pull-up bar will take no space and help you build shoulders, back, and bicep muscles. You can also wear a weighted vest or ankle weights to make this workout strenuous. Having a set of resistance bands is also highly recommended for all kinds of exercises at home.

What is the Best Pick for a Home Gym in 2022?

The best pick for a home gym has to be the XPress Pro by BodyCraft, which has opened so many exercise options for fitness enthusiasts. This first-ever home gym equipment contains adjustable cable arms in addition to dumbbell training, core training, and functional training. Moreover, with the XPress Pro, individuals can also train for a specific sport and perform rehabilitation exercises for recovery.

Exercise Equipment StoreFinal Verdict:

Choosing the best gym exercise equipment is not necessarily hard. However, starting with the best exercise equipment store is what matters. For example, Pacillo promises high quality with great after-sales services for all their exercise equipment. A pioneer athletic equipment store, you can find great options for cardio equipment and weight training options

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Dumbbells VS Barbells: Which Helps in Muscle Gain?

The physique of every individual depends mainly on genetic factors. A person who has a lean physique will find it tough to gain weight. Similarly, a person with a plump figure will have to work hard to tone down and lose weight. The good news is that the human body can adapt accordingly and change within a limit. Increasing the food intake and undergoing a weight-training program helps in both scenarios.

Is Gaining Muscle Mass Healthy?

For a good fitness program, it is important that a mixture of strength training, cardiovascular training, and proper diet are included. Everything needs to be balanced according to the goals of an individual to help lose weight and gain muscle mass. Several health benefits come with muscle gain training including the increase of bone density. Bone density tends to decrease with age, which often leads to arthritis.

Photo Credit by Joseph Wayne Buchanan

Other benefits include the strengthening of muscles and connective tissues. According to CDC, exercises that promote muscle building have a direct impact on improving balance and blood sugar levels. Studies have also shown improvements in mental health and sleep cycles. When you lose weight, a quarter of all bodyweight loss comes from the muscle that can result in a slower metabolism. Strength training is compensation for that loss and helps in gaining mass.

Can I Gain Muscle with a Home Workout?

A common conception of gaining muscles is lifting weights at the gym. However, it is possible to do just that at home with bodyweight exercises. Although the exercises will not be as easy as adding weight bars to the barbells, the results will be similar.

Simple rules like increasing reps, performing variations, decreasing rest times, and holding longer under tension time can get you the results faster. All bodyweight exercises include movements where you only use the weight of your body.

Are Dumbbells Good for Muscle Gain?

Photo Credit by RODNAE Productions

Training with dumbbells is a valuable addition to your muscle gain journey. Additionally, it can also help in increasing coordination, improving imbalances, and gaining strength. To start with, dumbbell exercises simply determine your workout split followed by the main dumbbell movements. After that, add accessory work to gain muscle mass. Finally, create your workout duration with the right kind of sets, reps, and exercises.

How Do Barbells Aid In Muscle Gain?

Photo Credit by Victor Freitas

Barbells are the go-to exercise equipment for all muscle gain-training programs. Highly recommended at gyms by professional trainers, barbells are ideal for all targeted workouts. Barbells lifting helps in gaining muscles on the shoulders, arms, and torso. Additionally, several exercises also target the lower body like the thighs and hips. For any first-timer, it is important to take the advice of a professional trainer to avoid potential injury.

Which is a Better Choice: Dumbbells or Barbells?

Photo Credit by Ruslan Khmelevsky

Dumbbells are a better choice for home exercises as they do not take up much space and are easy to store. On the other hand, if you are looking to gain muscles faster and professionally, barbells are the choice of equipment.

While both dumbbells and barbells aid in gaining muscle mass, both are used for different workout goals and aims. The best course of action is to pay heed to your trainer before settling on a workout regime and equipment. 


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What is the Best Equipment for Shoulder Exercises?

Shoulder exercises are great for creating an athletic posture. The wider, square-shaped upper body with a narrower waist is ideal for playing sports. Let us dive into the detail of how to achieve wider shoulders with the appropriate exercise equipment.

Photo Credit by Murilo Botelho

What is the Importance of Shoulder Exercise?

Shoulder exercises are an important part of strength and weight training. Having wide shoulders indicates that you are strong and less likely to get an injury during exercise. Having more upper body mass is an indication of good health as well. According to Maietta, the district fitness manager at Crunch Fitness, strong shoulders supported by a strong back and arms is ideal for a fitter life.

Shoulder exercises also help in improving posture, which leads to looking more confident. Standing straight with the shoulders drawn back towards the spine also helps in boosting the mood. Your journey towards a healthier lifestyle begins with shoulder exercises.

What is the Quickest Way to Get Ripped Shoulders?

Several tricks contribute to getting ripped shoulders much quicker than usual. When you join a fitness center, ask your trainer that you need to focus on wider shoulders instead of a full-body workout. A full-body workout will include exercises that will focus on gaining muscle in the entire body. As a result, this will take more time to have ripped shoulders.

Using a barbell shoulder press instead of dumbbells is one such trick. This allows you to focus on lifting the weight instead of having to worry about balancing. Check out this Xpress Pro Home Gym by BodyCraft perfect for getting ripped shoulders fast.

Photo Credit by Alesia Kozik

What are the Benefits of Shoulder Exercises at Home?

The “new-normal” typically looks like you slouching over the computer all day on the kitchen table. While this is a way of life now, it can lead to bad posture and strain on the upper back, shoulders, and arms. Doing some exercises at home not only strengthens the shoulders but also releases tension from the body.

Consider taking short breaks and doing simple exercises like:

  • Arm circles
  • Pike push-ups
  • Handstand wall walks and holds
  • Pike holds
  • Lateral raises
  • Lateral lunge to overhead press
  • Planks
  • Seated shoulder presses

These exercises are easy to perform without the need for gym equipment. 

What are the Benefits of Using Equipment for Shoulder Exercises?

Although it is possible to achieve strong and toned shoulders through exercise alone, using equipment will speed up the process. Consider using a combination of free weights and a shoulder press to get those perfectly ripped shoulders!

Gym equipment helps users get the most out of any workout. Similarly, equipment designed for strengthening the shoulders is the key to getting quick results.

Photo Credit by Andrea Piacquadio

Which Equipment is the Best for Shoulder Exercises?

At a commercial gym, your trainer will guide you to the right equipment for shoulder exercises. However, if you wish to do these exercises at home, consider investing in kettlebells or barbells. A shoulder press is also a piece of long-lasting equipment that will serve your purpose of achieving stronger shoulders.

The tricky part here is which exercises you do and how often you do them. If you stay focused on gaining mass in the upper body, you will get there faster.


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The 7 Latest Gym Equipment In 2021

With increasing awareness about fitness, people are regularly engaging in effective exercising moves. There are a few latest or rather all-time excellent gym equipment which would surely provide a great burn. They target specific body muscles and are effective even in a limited time. While it is best to be versatile with your workouts, the following are a few top-rated gym equipments in 2021:
  1. Lat Pull-Down- You would want strong back muscles to stand tall and reduce injuries. The Lat Pull-Down machine targets the latissimus dorsi muscles or lats. These muscles circle the posterior of the rib cage and are located on the back. This equipment initiates a pull-up position which is best for upper-body strength.
  2. Pull-up plus Dip machine- Pull-ups and bodyweight dip are the two most killer exercises for that upper body burn. Pull-up plus Dip Machine helps you perform both these exercises. It is beneficial in building upper body strength, especially for beginners.
  3. Seated Row machine- It is the right equipment if you want to work on your middle-back. It also focuses on the posterior shoulders, biceps, and rhomboids. You have to pull the weight towards your body for strengthening the postural muscles. If you have a desk job, then you should use a Seated Row machine.
  4. Chest Press- Shoulders and chest muscles are some of the most highly targeted body parts during a workout. However, such moves often put a strain on the wrist and shoulders. The Chest Press is effective gym equipment to work on your chest and shoulder muscles without straining the rest.
  5. Seated Leg Press- It is one of the best leg equipment in the gym. It is an all-in-one destination for your leg burn. Owing to its back support, it helps you master that modified squat position without straining your knees or lower back. It simultaneously targets the glutes, quads, and hamstrings.
  6. Hamstring Curl- You may struggle with toning your hamstrings safely and effectively. Hamstring curl allows you to target these strong muscles with no risk, increasing the size and strength of hamstrings.
  7. Cable machine- You may prefer a full-body workout that fits your schedule. However, not many equipment can target all body muscles. A cable machine with several weight stacks, a bunch of attachments, and cables allows you to perform a wide range of exercises. It is a multi-purpose gym station where you can work on various body muscles and it offers a full-body workout.  

About the business

The above-listed equipment can help you achieve a variety of fitness goals. If you are looking for an authentic gym equipment dealer, Pacillo’s Fitness Gear is the right place. The most reputed and well-known in town, we have the best products and services for our clients. With excellent reviews and an ever-growing customer base, we are indeed the perfect choice. For more information about us, contact us at 800-223-5526, connect through mail at or fill the contact form.
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Ways to Use Exercise Balls

Exercise balls are exciting equipment for workouts. However, not everyone possesses the right technique and knowledge in using them efficiently. These inflated balls can be put to use in a wide variety of ways during exercise, be it at your gym or home. An exercise ball strengthens your core, works your glutes, and builds stability. Following are some ways to use an exercise ball:

Single leg hip bridge

It focuses on your glutes and abdominal muscles, increasing hip stability. How to do it?
  1. Start by sitting on the ball in an upright position and roll down on your back. You must ensure that the back of your head and shoulders are properly aligned on the ball and that there is a straight line between your hips, knees, and shoulders. Keep your thighs parallel with the floor.
  2. Place your arms at the sides and let your fingertips touch the floor. 
  3. Lay your feet flat on the floor and slowly lift up one leg and then back down again. Repeat with the other leg.
  4. Slowly perform the movement using your legs alternatively.

Hamstring curl

It is an excellent exercise to work your glutes and hamstrings. How to do it
  1. Lie straight on the floor with your heels on top of the ball and arms flat on the floor.
  2. Raise your butt off the floor to get into a bridge position. Then, push the ball away using your feet. Place your arms flat on the floor for stability.
  3. Place the ball towards your butt and perform the movement continuously.
  4. To take a break in between, rest your butt back on the floor.

Swiss ball dead bug

It targets your abdominal muscles and strengthens your core. How to do it:
  1. Lie on the ground on your back and keep the ball above your stomach.
  2. With your legs in the air, bend your knees at 90 degrees. Straighten your arms to hold the ball between the arms and knees.
  3. Your right arm must be just above the floor. Then, stretch your left leg, ensuring that it is not touching the floor. Bring your leg and arm to the exercise ball slowly.
  4. Repeat using your left arm and the right leg.

Thoracic extensions

It targets the shoulder blades and upper back and helps to develop postural stability. How to do it
  1. Grab the ball. Lie with your stomach on it and rest your head and chest downwards. Bend your knees but ensure that they do not touch the floor. Place your arms against your sides with palms facing the ground.
  2. Lift up your upper body and move your shoulders back while looking up straight.
  3. Return to the starting position. 

About the business

You can use exercise balls in multiple ways to stay fit. If you also want to buy one or other fitness equipment, Pacillo’s Fitness Gear is the right place. We are very trusted by our clients and are known for our excellent reputation. For more information about us, contact us at 800-223-5526, connect through mail at or fill the contact form.
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The 8 Best Pieces of Equipment for Your Home Gym for 2021

Physically fitness is not just about having an attractive body; it’s also about self-confidence. Regular exercising keeps the body disease-free and establishes a sense of high self-esteem in individuals. It also has several psychological benefits. But, you might not prefer to exercise at a gym or fitness center. You can set up your home gym and exercise with no privacy or other concerns in such cases.

And if you are interested in doing so, below are the top ten most useful equipment you should consider:

  1. Treadmill- It is one of the most widely known gym equipment. Treadmill increases your heart rate, strengthens your muscles, and is also efficient for a quick, intense calorie burn.
  2. Stationary bike- Outdoor biking is a typical workout that many people enjoy. However, talking about regular workout regimes, it may not always be possible to go out. Hence, you can use a stationary bike for indoor cycling. It is easy to operate and offers a full-body workout.
  3. Rowing machine- Flexibility is essential for a fit and healthy body. However, all exercise routines may not contribute to that. One of the best gym equipment effective in gaining flexibility and versatility is a rowing machine. It offers a complete workout as it uses both upper and lower body muscles.
  4. Elliptical- Many people suffer from joint injuries or muscle cramps. They may be unable to engage in a high-intensity workout. But, this does not excuse them from exercising. An elliptical is low-impact equipment that can be used as it does not cause excessive pressure on the joints and reduces the risk of injuries.
  5. Exercise balls- Each equipment targets a specific body part. It may not always be feasible to perform separate workouts. Exercise balls are a very versatile gym tool for overall strength, balance, and core stability.
  6. Free weights- Each equipment may not necessarily help to tone your muscles. So, how to go about a good muscle-building routine? Weights are the best. They contribute to calorie burn and leave a toning effect on the muscles. By offering a full range of motion, they stretch and utilize all muscle groups.
  7. Cable pulley machine- Every piece of equipment contributes in a different way to your fitness journey. But, how to incorporate them into one piece of equipment while focusing on your specific needs? Cable Pulley Machine uses a weight system approach, where pulleys lift weights stacks, and you can use it in any direction as per your target muscle group.
  8. Weight machines- Different individuals have different fitness goals. For bodybuilders and athletes, the workout regime is quite hardcore. But where to find this specific and high-intensity equipment that is effective in overall muscle development. Weight machines are a great option and best for muscle building.  

About the business

All the above-stated equipment can give you the best workout experience with effective results. Further, if you are finally keen to begin your fitness journey at home, Pacillo’s Fitness Gear is the best place for fitness and gym equipment. Top-rated for our high-quality products and customer-friendly services, we are the best in town. For more information about us, contact us at 800-223-5526 or fill the contact form.

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Sports Bike VS Cross Trainer

Sports Bike VS Cross Trainer: Which is the Better Investment? Ever since the global lockdown in 2020, fitness enthusiasts like everyone else have faced the challenge of staying fit. While some adopted new habits of staying fit, others felt lost with no access to gyms and their favorite trainers. However, the greatest characteristic of humanity is an adaptation to the relentlessly changing world.

Staying fit in the face of COVID19 has become a necessity rather than just a productive way of passing time in the lockdown. This brings us to our next question: is it a good idea to bring the gym home? The answer is simple, yes! Those who have an active routine must continue exercising even if that means investing in gym equipment. 


What are the Benefits of Exercising at Home during the Pandemic?

Photo Credit by Karolina Grabowska

The biggest benefit of exercising at home is that it is safe. Gyms closed down immediately due to their tendency of spreading the virus quickly and affecting a large population. Moreover, a global lockdown meant new routines that included working from home in addition to new family routines.

Squeezing in time for exercise that fits the “new normal” was an essential step to staying healthy. This was and is only possible if fitness routines were done at home. Additionally, this meant doing something together as a family.

Which Essential Workout Equipment Do I Need for Home Exercise?

If you are looking for something that makes up for your cardio exercises at home, a cross-trainer or a sports bike comes to mind. Both are big investments and therefore, need consideration. Keeping in mind that both pieces are big indoor gym equipment, there can only be a place for one.

While sports bikes are a popular choice because they help with medium-impact cardio exercises without adding pressure on joints. A cross trainer has many benefits that are often unfairly flouted. Let us break down the pros and cons of each to help you make an informed decision.

Is Cross Trainer Good for Cardio?

Photo Credit by Jonathan Borba

Cross trainers or elliptical trainers offer low-impact cardio which is great for those individuals with joint problems. This is a great option since it allows you to set variable resistance levels keeping you in control at all times. The controlled motion helps to tone up both the upper and lower body muscles and there is no risk of saddle friction.

However, the motion of a cross-trainer feels unnatural and needs some getting used to. When it comes to burning calories, pushing harder on a sports bike can do that better than exercising on a cross-trainer. On the other hand, it is better for toning shoulders, back and upper arms muscles.

Check out the True Fitness ES700 Elliptical if you feel this is the right choice for you.

Does a Sports Cycling Bike Help Lose Weight?

Photo Credit by Andres Ayrton

A sports bike can help you get medium to high-impact cardio exercise. While this is a prevalent choice among many, it has other benefits. Cycling is a familiar movement that helps in strengthening and toning the muscles of the lower body. The movement also helps in burning a higher number of calories.

As opposed to cycling outside, a gym sports bike comes with features that allow users to increase resistance. Additionally, some models also measure the quality of your exercise. Although a sports bike will not tone the muscles on the upper body, it will improve the overall physique while burning fats.

Take a look at this Hoist LEMOND Sports Cycling Bike which can be adjusted for your family members. The resistance levels, saddle, and handle height are adjustable for people of different heights.

So which one is a better investment?

The answer depends on your workout objectives. If you are looking to tone your upper and lower body muscles then a cross trainer is a better option. However, if you wish to burn fats, stay active during the lockdown and burn fats, a sports bike is perfect.

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