5lb Add on Weight for Hyperwear Vest


  • Rust proof zinc-coated steel weights
  • 36 individual weights (2.25oz each)
  • Add as little or many as desired
  • Hyper Tool used for easy insertion


Need to add more weight to your Hyper Vest PRO? Additional 5 lbs booster boxes are available. Each box contains 36 individual zinc coated steels weights (2.25oz each) allowing you to add in small increments.


Weights can be installed by hand by simply prying open the individual weight pockets and sliding the weight in place. Fold the elasticated pocket flap back in place to ensure weight is held firmly in place.

A Hyper Tool is also provided for easy insertion.Weight can be installed in any arrangement desired to create different weight distribution. Each weight pocket can hold up to two individual weights.

Hyper Vest PRO is shipped with 10 lbs of weight. Approx. max weight capacities for Hyper Vest PRO:

  • Small – 20 lbs
  • Medium – 23 lbs
  • Large -33 lbs
  • XL -42 lbs


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