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The 30-Day Strength Training Routine- No Equipment Required

Are you panicking about your unhealthy habits? Or you may worry about how to get back on your fitness track after vacation? Well, one month is all you need. A well-structured 30-day workout regime will not only help you switch to a healthier routine but will significantly elevate your body goals.

Following is a 30-day strength training regime for you to follow:

Week 1

Day 1- Upper Body

Day 2- Lower Body

Day 3- Core

Day 4- Cardio

Day 5- Upper Body and Lower Body

Day 6- Cardio and Core

Day 7- Rest

Week 2

Day 8- Cardio and Core

Day 9- Lower Body

Day 10- Upper Body

Day 11- Rest

Day 12- Cardio and Core

Day 13- Upper Body and Lower Body

Day 14- Rest

Week 3

Day 15- Core

Day 16- Rest

Day 17- Upper Body, Lower Body, and Core

Day 18- Cardio

Day 19- Core and Upper Body

Day 20- Lower Body

Day 21- Rest

Week 4

Day 22- Upper Body

Day 23- Core and Lower Body

Day 24- Cardio

Day 25- Rest

Day 26- Upper Body and Lower Body

Day 27- Core and Cardio

Day 28- Rest

Week 5

Day 29- Upper Body

Day 30- Lower Body

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Upper body exercises

  1. Tricep Dips- Sit down on the floor with hands down and fingers facing your body. Press down your palms and come up on your feet with knees in the air, directly above your ankles. Bend your elbow and lower down the hips. Then, touch the floor and straighten your arms. Perform ten reps.
  2. Push-ups- Get into a plank position while engaging your core. Then, bend your elbows outwards on the sides. Lower your chest and then lift it to the plank position. Perform ten reps.
  3. Plank-ups- Start with a plank position with your knees touching the floor. Lower down your forearms. Press down the right palm, followed by the left one, to get back into the plank position. Repeat 5 times with your left hand and right hand simultaneously.

Lower body exercises

  1. Squats- Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Engage your core and bend your knees as if sitting on a chair. Press down on your heels and stand back to the starting position. Repeat it ten times.
  2. Back lunge and fit- Start with your legs hip-width apart. Place your left foot at the back and lower into a lunge. Lift your left leg while pressing down through the right foot. Repeat this ten times.
  3. Calf Raises- Stand upright with your back straight and bend your knees slightly. Then, stand on your tiptoes and then get back to the starting position. Perform ten reps.

A few more exercises are side lunge, curtsy lunge, and wide-leg open-toe squats.

Flexible young woman making cobra pose on yoga mat, exercising in studio with panoramic windows, side view, copy space

Core exercises

  1. Superman- Lie down on your stomach and extend out your arms in front of you. Slowly, raise your arms, legs, and chest off the ground and hold the position for 1-2 seconds. Then, get back to the starting position. Perform ten reps.
  2. Cobra- Lie down on your stomach and rest your hands next to the chest. Engage your abs, and using your hands, get into the cobra posture. Perform ten reps.
  3. Ab Curl Hollow Hold- Lie down on your back, with knees bent in towards the chest. Then, press your legs out. Perform ten reps.

Some more exercises are the side-lying inner thigh and side-lying outer hip.

About the business

Follow the routine mentioned above and witness some fantastic results. Further, if you are looking for a reputed gym and fitness equipment dealer is the right choice. We are known for our professionalism and offer a wide range of products. For more information about us, contact us at 800-223-5526, connect through e-mail at or fill the contact form.

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Ways to Use Exercise Balls

Exercise balls are exciting equipment for workouts. However, not everyone possesses the right technique and knowledge in using them efficiently. These inflated balls can be put to use in a wide variety of ways during exercise, be it at your gym or home. An exercise ball strengthens your core, works your glutes, and builds stability. Following are some ways to use an exercise ball:

Single leg hip bridge

It focuses on your glutes and abdominal muscles, increasing hip stability. How to do it?
  1. Start by sitting on the ball in an upright position and roll down on your back. You must ensure that the back of your head and shoulders are properly aligned on the ball and that there is a straight line between your hips, knees, and shoulders. Keep your thighs parallel with the floor.
  2. Place your arms at the sides and let your fingertips touch the floor. 
  3. Lay your feet flat on the floor and slowly lift up one leg and then back down again. Repeat with the other leg.
  4. Slowly perform the movement using your legs alternatively.

Hamstring curl

It is an excellent exercise to work your glutes and hamstrings. How to do it
  1. Lie straight on the floor with your heels on top of the ball and arms flat on the floor.
  2. Raise your butt off the floor to get into a bridge position. Then, push the ball away using your feet. Place your arms flat on the floor for stability.
  3. Place the ball towards your butt and perform the movement continuously.
  4. To take a break in between, rest your butt back on the floor.

Swiss ball dead bug

It targets your abdominal muscles and strengthens your core. How to do it:
  1. Lie on the ground on your back and keep the ball above your stomach.
  2. With your legs in the air, bend your knees at 90 degrees. Straighten your arms to hold the ball between the arms and knees.
  3. Your right arm must be just above the floor. Then, stretch your left leg, ensuring that it is not touching the floor. Bring your leg and arm to the exercise ball slowly.
  4. Repeat using your left arm and the right leg.

Thoracic extensions

It targets the shoulder blades and upper back and helps to develop postural stability. How to do it
  1. Grab the ball. Lie with your stomach on it and rest your head and chest downwards. Bend your knees but ensure that they do not touch the floor. Place your arms against your sides with palms facing the ground.
  2. Lift up your upper body and move your shoulders back while looking up straight.
  3. Return to the starting position. 

About the business

You can use exercise balls in multiple ways to stay fit. If you also want to buy one or other fitness equipment, Pacillo’s Fitness Gear is the right place. We are very trusted by our clients and are known for our excellent reputation. For more information about us, contact us at 800-223-5526, connect through mail at or fill the contact form.
Fitness Training

6 Highly Effective Exercises for the Perfect 6 Pack Abs

Eat a protein-rich diet, cut out carbs, and exercise regularly- the most common advice you must have received for building those 6-pack abs. With the right balance of nutrition and exercise, those six-packs are not far away. Be regular with the following exercises, and you will achieve your six-pack abs soon.
  1. Dead bug- Start by lying down on the floor facing the ceiling and keep your arms straight above your shoulders. Then, bring your knees directly above the hips and bend them at a 90-degree angle. Then, straighten your right leg towards the floor and lower the left arm above your head. Pause and return to the starting position. Then, repeat the same on the opposite side and do 14 reps alternatively.
  2. Hardstyle Plank- Lie down facing the floor and come up into the forearm plank position. Squeeze your body, especially the core, as much as possible. Your hands should be balled up in the fists, and elbows should remain underneath the shoulders. Keep the forearms parallel to each other. Hold for 10-20 seconds.
  3. Hollow extension-to-cannonball- Get in a curled-up position with your arms wired around your knees, pressing them tight against your chest-like a cannonball. Then, extend your legs and arms outwards, lowering your back straight towards the floor. Hold the position for four to five seconds and then get back into the cannonball. Repeat 5 reps in one set.
  4. Dumbbell side-bend- You must remember to choose the weight of the dumbbell as per your capacity. We recommend using a medium-weighted one. Start with standing up straight with your feet hip-width apart. Then, hold the dumbbell in your right hand, palm facing the torso. Keeping your back straight, tighten your core, and bend sideways- do not go beyond the waist. Hold the posture for around two seconds and return to the starting position. Perform 10 to 12 reps in each set, with both hands.
  5. Barbell back squat- This exercise is different from the traditional squats as it focuses more on the core and uses lesser weights. You have to stand with your feet shoulder-width, center the barbell evenly on your shoulders and lift it over. Then, lower down into a chair position, bending your knees as much as possible. Engage your glutes and send them back. Return to the starting position by pressing over your heels. Start with 12 reps per set.
  6. Bird dog- You have to come up in a tabletop position, with your back straight. You must ensure that your shoulders are over the wrists and hips over the knees. While engaging your core, you have to lift your left arm simultaneously with your left leg.  Then, stretch them to your maximum, flexing your foot and your palm facing in towards the body. Pause for a second and bring your elbow and knees to touch beneath the body. Repeat on the other side for one rep. Start with five reps in one set.

About the business

The above-listed exercises are highly effective in building those six-pack abs. Engage in this workout regime regularly, and embrace the results. Also, if you are looking for an authentic dealer for fitness or workout equipment, Pacillo’s Fitness Gear is the right choice. We are top-rated amongst our clients and indeed hold an excellent reputation among fitness enthusiasts. For more information about us, contact us at 800-223-5526, connect through mail at or fill the contact form.
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