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The 30-Minute Full Body Workout

Do not have an hour or two to spend at the gym? Even a 30-minute full-body workout is enough if done the right way. It can target all your muscle groups and give you the burn for the day. So, if you are looking for a half-an-hour sweat session, this blog is for you. Following is an exclusive 30-minute which can help you get that fit body:     
  •   Inchworm- Stand tall with your feet wider than the hips and knees slightly bent. Tighten your core and hinge at the hips to reach the ground. Then, stroll out into the plank position. The body should be in a straight line from shoulders to heels. Now move your hands back towards the feet, into the standing position. Continue for a minute, followed by a 15-second rest.
  •   Pushup- Get in a plank position with your feet apart (slightly more than the hip-width). Bend your elbows, forming a 45-degree angle from ribs. Your lower body must form a straight line, and your chest should be a few inches above the floor. Get back in the plank position by pushing up through your hands. Perform ten reps and rest for 15 seconds.
  •   Single-leg row- Grab dumbbells in both hands and stand erect. Get into the starting position by bending in to lower the chest. Extend your left leg straight backward, parallel to the floor.  Then, extend your arms downwards. Then, bend the elbows and row the dumbbells to the side. Pause for 1-2 seconds, then extend the arm downwards and return to the starting position. Perform five reps, switch legs, and repeat the exercise. Take a 15-second rest before switching to the next exercise.
  •   Squat-floor taps- Stand with your feet hip-width apart and place your hands at the sides. Jump feet apart and get into a squat position while leaning the core forward and touching the left hand to the ground. Reverse the movement by pressing through the feet and get back to the starting position.  Repeat, touching the other hand to the ground. Perform this exercise for one minute and then rest for 15 seconds.
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  •   Abs dumbbell thread- Lay your feet flat on the floor and bend your knees. Hold the dumbbell by the ends. Then, slightly lean back and lift your legs while engaging the core. Your legs must be parallel to the ground. Perform the scissor movement using your legs while passing the dumbbell from one hand to another between legs. Perform this exercise for a minute and then rest for 15 seconds.
  •   Plank knee-to-elbow- Get in the high plank posture. Lift the left foot away from the floor and towards the left elbow. You must ensure that your hips are levelled and your back flat. Return to the starting position. Then, repeat on the other side. Perform ten reps of each side. Before switching to the next one, rest for 15 seconds. Then, do the same exercise using your left foot and right hand and then your right foot and left leg. Perform ten reps of each set.
Plank with knee to elbow. Positive fit young woman with bun hairstyle and in tight sportswear smiling and practicing, doing abs exercise. indoor studio shot illuminated by sunlight from window

About the business

It is an effective workout routine, both as cardio and strength training. You must perform all the exercises with the proper structure and position. Further, if you are looking for the right place to buy fitness and gym equipment, Pacillo’s Fitness Gear is the best choice. We hold an excellent reputation for our good quality products and efficient services. For more information about us, you can contact us at 800-223-5526, connect through email at or fill the contact form.
Fitness Training

6 Highly Effective Exercises for the Perfect 6 Pack Abs

Eat a protein-rich diet, cut out carbs, and exercise regularly- the most common advice you must have received for building those 6-pack abs. With the right balance of nutrition and exercise, those six-packs are not far away. Be regular with the following exercises, and you will achieve your six-pack abs soon.
  1. Dead bug- Start by lying down on the floor facing the ceiling and keep your arms straight above your shoulders. Then, bring your knees directly above the hips and bend them at a 90-degree angle. Then, straighten your right leg towards the floor and lower the left arm above your head. Pause and return to the starting position. Then, repeat the same on the opposite side and do 14 reps alternatively.
  2. Hardstyle Plank- Lie down facing the floor and come up into the forearm plank position. Squeeze your body, especially the core, as much as possible. Your hands should be balled up in the fists, and elbows should remain underneath the shoulders. Keep the forearms parallel to each other. Hold for 10-20 seconds.
  3. Hollow extension-to-cannonball- Get in a curled-up position with your arms wired around your knees, pressing them tight against your chest-like a cannonball. Then, extend your legs and arms outwards, lowering your back straight towards the floor. Hold the position for four to five seconds and then get back into the cannonball. Repeat 5 reps in one set.
  4. Dumbbell side-bend- You must remember to choose the weight of the dumbbell as per your capacity. We recommend using a medium-weighted one. Start with standing up straight with your feet hip-width apart. Then, hold the dumbbell in your right hand, palm facing the torso. Keeping your back straight, tighten your core, and bend sideways- do not go beyond the waist. Hold the posture for around two seconds and return to the starting position. Perform 10 to 12 reps in each set, with both hands.
  5. Barbell back squat- This exercise is different from the traditional squats as it focuses more on the core and uses lesser weights. You have to stand with your feet shoulder-width, center the barbell evenly on your shoulders and lift it over. Then, lower down into a chair position, bending your knees as much as possible. Engage your glutes and send them back. Return to the starting position by pressing over your heels. Start with 12 reps per set.
  6. Bird dog- You have to come up in a tabletop position, with your back straight. You must ensure that your shoulders are over the wrists and hips over the knees. While engaging your core, you have to lift your left arm simultaneously with your left leg.  Then, stretch them to your maximum, flexing your foot and your palm facing in towards the body. Pause for a second and bring your elbow and knees to touch beneath the body. Repeat on the other side for one rep. Start with five reps in one set.

About the business

The above-listed exercises are highly effective in building those six-pack abs. Engage in this workout regime regularly, and embrace the results. Also, if you are looking for an authentic dealer for fitness or workout equipment, Pacillo’s Fitness Gear is the right choice. We are top-rated amongst our clients and indeed hold an excellent reputation among fitness enthusiasts. For more information about us, contact us at 800-223-5526, connect through mail at or fill the contact form.
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