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What are the Benefits of a Weighted Vest?

Adding weighted vests to any workout regime makes it challenging and therefore yields better results. Try filling a bag with several heavy books and carrying it on your back while running. The additional weight will convert the workout into a dual-purpose grinder.

However, the weight of books on your back is not as effective as wearing a weighted vest. This is because a vest balances the weight around your body. While this external weight adds challenge, it does not put a strain on your back that makes you feel uncomfortable.




What are Weighted Vests?

Weighted vests are low-impact options that are an ideal addition to any workout regime. The design is ideal to fit anyone as a vest with extra weights placed proportionally all around it. When you do a workout wearing the vest, it helps you get quicker results with better-toned muscles.

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What are the Different Types of Weighted Vests?

Usually, weighted vests are the same everywhere. However, they come in several weight options with stand-alone weight bricks for additional weight. A standard weighted vest is 20 lbs., but you can also get one for 40 lbs. Depending on your fitness goals and endurance, you can keep increasing the weights as you wish.

The weighted vests range available at Pacillo are great options for your initial investment. You can buy them here. Moreover, you can invest in ankle and wrist weights, which are adjustable and better for shoulders, arms, and leg exercises. 

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Do Weighted Vests Help with Posture?

One of the main reasons why people prefer using weighted vests is to strengthen the core muscles. By adding weights to the upper part of the body, the core muscles are engaged to keep the body upright. This results in improved posture because the extra weight forces you to stay upright throughout the workout. While walking or running, ensure that your shoulders are pointing at the back while your back is straight.

How do Weighted Vests Help with Weight Control?

It is possible to lose weight faster with weighted vests as it helps in burning more calories, according to a recent study. This is especially true for those with weight loss as the main goal of their workout. Wearing a vest will encourage faster weight loss while performing simple tasks like walking or cycling. Additionally, when the fats burn muscles are ripped giving you a more toned-up physique.

Photo Credit to Tom Lorenzo

How to Choose the Right Weighted Vest?

There are several ways of choosing the right weighted vest for your workout. Ideally, you should start with a 20 lbs. weighted vest and gradually increase the weights. This ensures that your endurance and stamina increases without straining your muscles. A sudden increase in weight can result in muscle injury.

If you have doubts about which weighted vest to start with, consult with your trainer. At Pacillo, the trained customer services staff can make suggestions that will be in line with your fitness goals. Moreover, the best course of action is to keep in mind what you want to achieve before investing.


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Fitness Training

The Advantages of Hiring the Services of a Personal Trainer

Good health and fitness go hand in hand. For maintaining good health, incorporating the requisite fitness regime is essential. So, if you plan to gear up for a fitness journey, there are several things to consider, such as whether to hire a personal trainer? Working under the guidance of a personal trainer gives you the advantage of customized service and drives your journey in the right direction.   

Here are some benefits of hiring a personal trainer:

  1. Specified fitness goals– Everybody has different fitness goals. But how do you decipher yours so that the approach also matches the same? A personal trainer will help you identify your fitness goals with all the details and specifications. According to your body type and strength, he/she will design a roadmap on attaining that fitness level. While taking care of the smaller achievements, he/she will guide you through the broader result.
  2. Personalized workout routine– Many people are unaware that all exercises are not suitable for all body types. You must consider different factors, like your muscle mass, endurance levels, height, and weight,  before designing the perfect workout. Therefore, a personal trainer is highly beneficial. With immense knowledge and experience, he/she will design an ideal workout regime for you considering all the essential factors and the end goal.
  3. Motivation- Motivation is an unconditional requirement when it comes to working out. What if someday you don’t want to give in to that? What if the couch feels too comfortable to leave? Your trainer would be there to deliver the right words. Along with tracking your fitness progress, he/she will also give you much-needed motivation and encouragement from time to time.
  4. Accuracy- Indulging in some exercise or fitness workouts is essential. However, many people struggle with the proper form. This is a very prominent disadvantage of working out on your own. Though it may not sound like a big issue, have an influence on the results. A personal trainer can guide you properly through performing each exercise and maintaining a correct posture and technique.
  5. Flexibility and convenience- Gyms are indeed a great option when trying to level up your fitness game? But what if going to a gym does not fit into your schedule? Moreover, not everyone is comfortable working out with ten others. A personal trainer can solve that for you. When hiring a personal trainer, you have the flexibility of choosing the preferred location. 
  6. Effectiveness and efficiency- Engaging in an effective workout routine are what guarantees the best result. But what if your current routine is not effective enough? This is where a professional trainer comes in. Along with designing the most effective workout regime for your body type, he/she will make sure that it is efficient. 

About the business

As illustrated in this blog, working with a skilled personal trainer has several advantages.  Also, if you are looking for a top-rated company dealing in fitness and gym equipment, Pacillo’s Fitness Gear is the right choice. With highly classified and reputed clientele, we are the best name in the town. For more information about us, contact us at 800-223-5526 or fill the contact form.

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