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What are the Pros and Cons of Preacher Curls?

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One of the most common exercises done in gyms is those that help grow arm muscles. Since bigger biceps are the basics of developing a bigger upper body, the popular focus remains on doing curls. Although several curl versions aim at more prominent and muscular biceps, one version is most effective: the preacher curl.

It is often a discussion among fitness trainers and trainees to go either for machine preacher curls or regular bicep curls. Since machine preacher curls are growing in popularity, let us dig deeper into the pros and cons of this form of workout.

Are Machine Preacher Curls Effective?

You need to understand how machine work to understand this question. This exercise is excellent for those who wish to make their biceps harder and bigger using safer workout methods. When using a machine preacher curl, you will get the option to change your grip as the machine allows. Commonly, you will use either the overhand grip or an underhand grip. Some machines also allow a neutral grip option.

The choice of each type of grip is essential when using a machine preacher curl as it directly affects targeted parts of your upper arms. Nevertheless, all grips on the machine help develop bigger biceps because the brachialis is stimulated as a result. With this stimulation, your bicep is pushed upwards, resulting in bigger and harder upper arms.

Are Machine Preacher Curls Dangerous?

One of the most significant drawbacks of using a machine is that it can be dangerous if done incorrectly. Lifting heavy weights is one of the grips mentioned above, which can strain the shoulder joint and the tendons present in the biceps. Using heavier weights in this exercise is not recommended, as it does not result in bigger and stronger biceps. However, the preacher curl works best in perfect formation, using lightweights with a higher range of motion.

Machine Preacher Curls Image.02

Are Machine Preacher Curls Harder Than Standing Curls?

Preacher curls can be harder to perform as compared to standing curls. The reason is simple: the sloped angle of the machine preacher pad. When your elbow is fully extended, lifting the weight at that angle uses the bicep muscles, which is not the case in standing curls. Although standing curls also work the biceps muscles, preacher curls target the inner side of the biceps. In short, preacher curls are more effective for upper arms and harder than standing curls.

Are Preacher Curls Good for Biceps?

Preacher curls are great for the complete muscle group of the upper arms. You can quickly and effectively grow your biceps and brachialis. Moreover, the three primary elbow flexors, brachioradialis, are engaged in the preacher curl exercise. When done right, this exercise enables you to feel the impact as you swing your arms in the upward direction. The challenge of this exercise increases towards the end of the motion, which stimulates biceps hypertrophy.

Preacher Curls Image.03

Should I Go Heavy on Preacher Curls?

A workout using a preacher curl machine puts you in an unstable position, so it is important to use lighter weights. Make sure that your movements are slow, steady, and controlled in the perfect formation. Doing the exercise in the wrong form will not benefit you, and you put yourself at a high risk of injury.

If you want to build the muscles on your upper arms, invest in the right preacher curls machine with appropriate options. Check out these Preacher Curls Machine at Pacillo and start your workout right away!


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