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What is Cross-Training?

What is Cross-Training? Contrary to popular belief, cross-training does not mean adding the additional cost of hiring a trainer for your workout. It is simply a mix of different activities, which results in better fitness and overall health. There are various health benefits of cross-training which is why it is gaining popularity among the masses. This article will talk about the benefits, examples, and useful equipment to practice cross-training.

What is Cross-Training?

Practicing other physical activities in addition to one main sport is called cross-training. Take athletes for example, their efforts are inclined towards excelling in the sport of their career. However, they are involved in other modes of training activities that benefit their performance on the field. This concept is common among marathon runners but has recently become a popular practice for swimmers and cyclists as well.

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What are the Benefits of Cross-Training?

The main benefits of including cross-training into your regular workout regime are many. For starters, it helps in boosting your cardiovascular endurance. Studies have shown that the heart functions differently, with well-rounded cardiovascular health when an athlete is involved in cross-training. 

Another benefit of cross-training is the use of muscle groups otherwise left idle in the main sport. Runners for example, have toned leg muscles but the muscles on their backs tone up when they swim. This leads to higher stamina and a better-structured body. Similarly, when swimmers combine weightlifting with their training, it helps to engage leg muscles, which is not possible in swimming.

Other benefits include reducing the risk of muscle injury with the overuse of the same muscle groups. Additionally, it allows recovery time after a tournament and keeps your mind engaged in healthy activities.

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What is an Example of Cross-Training?

A few common cross-training examples include:

  • Cycling is an alternative to running which helps maintain cardiovascular endurance.
  • Running or lifting weights instead of playing football to build strength and size.
  • Rowing as an alternative to swimming to engage similar muscle groups and maintain stamina.
  • Incorporating weightlifting with kickboxing for better cardiovascular health with coordination and focus.

Which Equipment is Ideal for Cross-Training?

The goal of cross-training is to add variety into a workout regime that increases stamina and improves endurance. Personal cross-trainers as well use unique workout tools that lead to quicker results for their clients. However, one piece of equipment can help you achieve lateral stability and an entire body workout.

The Pinnacle is one such cross-training equipment that can give your workout new varieties. Available at Pacillo, this is the best option out there, which combines lateral and linear motions. The stride width and foot positions are adjustable with a unique handle position.

Every feature aims to aid cross-training, no matter that intensity. The footplates for example, are adjustable for greater comfort when completing longer reps. On the other hand; it is adjustable for aggressive training.

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Is Cross-Training Good for Me?

Cross-training benefits everyone, you do not have to be an athlete to start with cross-training. However, when considering this form of workout regime, there are several factors to consider. They are:

  • Your experience – this includes your experience in a fitness regime and a sport. The more experience you have, the better results you will enjoy.
  • Your training phase –includes your stamina and cardiovascular endurance. Suddenly going from zero to 100 can lead to muscle injury.
  • Where you want improvement – if you want to focus on a muscle group that is not engaged in your sport, cross-training is the way to do it.
  • Your favorite activities – it is important that you engage yourself in activities that you like. Otherwise, it will all feel like an extension of your training.

It is important to stay focused on your fitness goals to ensure that you do not lose sight. Cross-training will boost your mood, stamina and overall health.


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Home Gym Equipment

The 7 Latest Gym Equipment In 2021

With increasing awareness about fitness, people are regularly engaging in effective exercising moves. There are a few latest or rather all-time excellent gym equipment which would surely provide a great burn. They target specific body muscles and are effective even in a limited time.

While it is best to be versatile with your workouts, the following are a few top-rated gym equipments in 2021:

  1. Lat Pull-Down- You would want strong back muscles to stand tall and reduce injuries. The Lat Pull-Down machine targets the latissimus dorsi muscles or lats. These muscles circle the posterior of the rib cage and are located on the back. This equipment initiates a pull-up position which is best for upper-body strength.
  2. Pull-up plus Dip machine- Pull-ups and bodyweight dip are the two most killer exercises for that upper body burn. Pull-up plus Dip Machine helps you perform both these exercises. It is beneficial in building upper body strength, especially for beginners.
  3. Seated Row machine- It is the right equipment if you want to work on your middle-back. It also focuses on the posterior shoulders, biceps, and rhomboids. You have to pull the weight towards your body for strengthening the postural muscles. If you have a desk job, then you should use a Seated Row machine.
  4. Chest Press- Shoulders and chest muscles are some of the most highly targeted body parts during a workout. However, such moves often put a strain on the wrist and shoulders. The Chest Press is effective gym equipment to work on your chest and shoulder muscles without straining the rest.
  5. Seated Leg Press- It is one of the best leg equipment in the gym. It is an all-in-one destination for your leg burn. Owing to its back support, it helps you master that modified squat position without straining your knees or lower back. It simultaneously targets the glutes, quads, and hamstrings.
  6. Hamstring Curl- You may struggle with toning your hamstrings safely and effectively. Hamstring curl allows you to target these strong muscles with no risk, increasing the size and strength of hamstrings.
  7. Cable machine- You may prefer a full-body workout that fits your schedule. However, not many equipment can target all body muscles. A cable machine with several weight stacks, a bunch of attachments, and cables allows you to perform a wide range of exercises. It is a multi-purpose gym station where you can work on various body muscles and it offers a full-body workout.  

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